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“Cantus Vocum offers us a collection of cleanly defined songs that wind around our hearts with a warmth of familiarity that blesses us with each lifting note. This is a jewel case of wind-swept fun knit together with love.” -Mary Pratt

  • Song for Newfoundland (W. Chaulk / arr. J.Monro)
  • Saltwater Joys (W. Chaulk / arr. P. Jackson)
  • Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s (O. Kelland / arr. J. Duff)
  • She’s Like The Swallow (Newfoundland folk song, arr. D. F. Cook)
  • Ties That Bind (Kelly, Rideout, King, Mallory / arr. J. Duff)
  • Pat Murphy’s Meadow (J.M. Devine, McNulty Family / arr. J. Monro)
  • This Is My Home (H. Martin / arr. N. Telfer)
  • The Green Bushes (Newfoundland folk song, arr. D. F. Cook)
  • Hailig, Hailig (W: Inuttut, M: Bortniansky, arr. Tchaikovsky)
  • We Love The Place, O God (Bullock, Baker, Jenner)
  • The Morning Dew (Newfoundland folk song, arr. D. F. Cook)
  • Sonny’s Dream (R. Hynes / arr. J. Duff)
  • A Heart Cry From The West (Carroll, Sheehan / arr. D. F. Cook)
  • A Great Big Sea Hove In Long Beach (NL folk song / arr. J. Monro)
  • Wave Over Wave (J. Payne / arr. J. Monro)
  • The Ryans and the Pittmans
    We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar
    (LeMessurier, Spanish Ladies / arr. J. Monro)
  • The Ode To Newfoundland (Boyle, Parry / arr. D. F. Cook)

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